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Residential House Cleaned via Pressure Washing


We have a standard operating system in place that involves complete pressure or soft washing. We clean the exterior of buildings and surfaces.

1. Mould, moss, algae, dirt and carbon stick to your house surfaces and this can turn into a major problem.

2. We inspect damages and make recommendations for cost effective repairs or replacements.

Pristine and Clean Commercial Building in Kamloops


Usually the first impression is also the long lasting impression. If your storefront is not appealing, let’s fix it and turn it into a positive advertising space.

1. Loading docks

2. Restaurants

3. Advertisement sign boards

Strata Complex


We like working with property management companies and strata councils. No job is too big for our business.

1. Assisting the operations of exterior maintenance and repairs on strata housing.

2. Lets us take care of maintenance so you can enjoy the pleasures of everyday work and life.

Investing In Homeowners

Pristine Pressure Washing Services invests in homeowners. We take pride in enlightening you about the benefits of pressure washing and soft washing. Your house, concrete driveway, and roofs need a wash once a year. We choose to focus fully on our customers, not our competitors. This keeps us moving in the right direction because the customer is always right. Contact us to learn more about our systematic cleaning process.

Advantages Of Pressure Washing

Pressure wash your house before selling. If your property has clean and pristine driveways, gutters, windows, decks, and fences it will increase the value of your house
up to 6%, depending on the conditions. Furthermore, having a polished and up to date looking house adds to the overall appeal and your profits. Call us right now to remove the dirt and peeling paint. Preventive maintenance is always appreciated and beneficial when you consider the bigger picture. Protect your home from dangerous bacteria and other harmful substances. We’ll take care of the dirty work for you!

Soft Wash Is The Future

Roof Cleaning And Moss Removal

Pristine Pressure Washing Services fully understands the harm that moss causes on your house, especially on the roof. Moss holds in moisture and feeds on the limestone composite of shingles. Over time, this causes the shingles to deteriorate and cure which reduces the life span of your precious roof. Moss develops in humid environments and more specifically in shaded areas that lack sun exposure. It usually starts developing on the north facing sides and then spreads to other sections of your roof.

“We Offer 1 Year Soft Wash Moss Free Roof Warranty.”

— Ameer Shaikh, PPWS Owner

Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

Cedar shakes are notorious for their ability to absorb moisture and develop mold, algae, and moss. However, with proper maintenance cedar shakes can last well over 30 years. There are many benefits when you have a clean and pristine cedar roof. For example, cedar shake roofs provide dimensional stability meaning it maintains its original dimensions in humid conditions. This is because cedar wood is a low density material that offers minimal shrinkage. Cedar shake roofing also provides solid resistance against natural elements, workability, strength, insulation, and is architecturally enhancing.

Why Should You Work With Us?

  1. Local Licensed Business.
  2. Insured Under Work Safe BC.
  3. $5 Million Liability Insurance.
  4. Licensed & Educated Technicians.
  5. We Do Not Cut Corners.
  6. Our Motto Is Go Above & Beyond.
  7. One Year Soft Wash Warranty.
  8. Veterans Get 10 Percent Off.
  9. Increase The Appeal Of Your Property.

Honest Review

“Working in the real estate industry it is important to showcase our clients’ properties in their best conditions. After all of the snow melt from the Winter, a lot of properties are left in dirty conditions. I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Pristine Pressure Washing Services for your power washing needs.” 

Alex Mounsey – Realtor