We Specialize in the Benefits of Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Trusted Pressure Washing Professionals

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through the inspection process better than anyone else. We strive to bring growth to the city of Kamloops, keeping the city pristine and clean. Let’s take the first steps forward and freshen up your property. Contact us and get a FREE estimate today.

Pressure Washer

What Can We Pressure Wash?

Mold, moss, algae, dirt, and carbon sticks to your house causing degradation to your vinyl, aluminum siding, stucco, wood, asphalt and concrete surfaces.

We specialize cleaning but are not limited to concrete driveways, decks, fences, gutters,
garbage cans, exterior paint prep, graffiti removal, log homes, parking lots, and cabins.

Pressure washing your house before selling on todays market will increase the value of your house up to 6%, depending on the condition. Having a clean and fresh looking house adds to the appeal. Be happy and excited when you arrive home!

Residential House Cleaned via Pressure Washing


We have a standard operating system in place that involves complete pressure or soft washing. We adapt to home owners needs and work to impress you.

Pristine and Clean Commercial Building in Kamloops


Usually the first impression is also the long lasting impression. If your storefront is not appealing, let’s fix it and turn it into a positive advertising space.

Strata Complex


We like working with property management companies and strata councils. No job is too big for our business.

Local, Residential, and Commercial Cleaning Services in Kamloops and Surrounding Areas.

Lets Take Action

Now, if we can raise the value of your house and increase the appeal, what’s stopping you from selecting our services and letting us help you throughout the spring and summer?

Honest Review

“Working in the real estate industry it is important to showcase our clients’ properties in their best conditions. After all of the snow melt from the Winter, a lot of properties are left in dirty conditions. I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Pristine Pressure Washing Services for your power washing needs.” 

Alex Mounsey – Realtor